Phillips Exeter Academy Spring Invitational


Phillips Exeter Academy’s Mock Trial Association is honored to host its second annual mock trial invitational this spring. Taking place from Saturday, May 5, to Sunday, May 6, on Phillips Exeter’s campus, PEAMTA’s spring invitational will be a chance to gain invaluable experience and confidence in the courtroom, face worthy opponents, and interact with established trial lawyers. 

Meet our Keynote Speaker

This year, Phillips Exeter is honored to host Lori Alvino McGill as our keynote speaker. Ms. Alvino McGill has played a key role in a number of Supreme Court decisions that have shaped contemporary culture. She successfully defended affirmative action policies in Fisher v University of Texas at Austin (2016). She was also handpicked to file a key amicus brief in Hollingsworth v Perry (2013) and United States v Windsor (2013), protecting the legality of same-sex marriages and the rights of same-sex couples. Prior to her distinguished legal career, she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Lori Alvino McGill

Lori Alvino McGill

Meet our Judges

Phillips Exeter Academy faculty - all with extensive legal backgrounds -- will judge each round of competition. 

We also have the distinct privilege and pleasure of having Ms. Alvino McGill and her husband, Mr. Matthew McGill, judge at the tournament. Mr. McGill has won 15 out of 20 cases in front of the Supreme Court. He was also involved in Hollingsworth v Perry (2013), in addition to representing the prevailing party in wide-reaching rulings such as Citizens United v Federal Election Commission (2010), as well as successfully arguing that Senator John McCain was a ‘natural-born citizen’ and could run for the Presidency in 2008.